Alibaba and Business France Collaborate to Boost French SMEs Globally

We are excited to share the latest developments from DMSMatrix:

In a significant stride towards empowering French SMEs on the global stage, Alibaba has joined forces with French government agency Business France to launch a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration aims to facilitate French small and medium-sized businesses in their digitalization and internationalization efforts, allowing them to showcase their products on a worldwide scale.

Key Highlights:

  1. ‘Dare to Export!’ Initiative: Aligned with the French government’s ambitious ‘Dare to export!’ initiative, Alibaba’s new platform seeks to support around 200 French SMEs in their quest to expand globally. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of exporting companies in France by 33% by 2030.
  2. Exclusive Access to Alibaba’s B2B Platform: The selected SMEs will benefit from exclusive access to Alibaba’s B2B platform, enabling them to promote their products to a vast network of 47 million global buyers. As part of this initiative, eligible companies will be granted a ‘Gold Supplier’ account, providing them with premium services from Alibaba.
  3. Special Rate for Access: Recognizing the economic significance of this collaboration, Alibaba is offering the ‘Gold Supplier’ account at a significantly reduced rate of 2,250 euros (excluding tax), as opposed to the original price of 14,000 euros. This account includes the establishment of a customized online store, access to powerful marketing tools, a presence in Alibaba France’s showroom, and personalized support from both Business France and Alibaba.
  4. Focus on Local Product Sellers: While not all online sellers are eligible for this program, there is a clear emphasis on businesses with locally produced products. Eligible merchants must be legally registered, manufacture their products in France, have a minimum of one year of operational history, and demonstrate cross-border turnover from the previous financial year.
  5. Stringent Criteria for Eligibility: Companies are eligible if they possess intellectual property titles for their products, present a minimum of 10 products, have at least one employee dedicated to export activities, and actively engage on the Alibaba platform.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for French SMEs, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to thrive on the global e-commerce stage

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