Month: December 2023

DMSMatrix News: China Continues to Lead Global E-Commerce with Anticipated $2.2 Trillion Sales in 2023

China remains at the forefront of the global e-commerce arena, projecting an impressive $2.2 trillion in sales for the year 2023. GlobalData’s latest insights reveal that the Chinese e-commerce market is set to surge by 9.9%, reaching CNY 15.2 trillion ($2.2 trillion), a testament to the nation’s enduring dominance in the online retail space. The […]

Dutch E-commerce Soars as Companies Export 76 Billion Euros Online

New research from Statistics Netherlands reveals that Dutch companies exported a staggering 76 billion euros worth of goods and services through online channels in 2021. This impressive figure constituted 14 percent of the total exports for these companies, underscoring the pivotal role of digital platforms in facilitating international trade. Key Insights: As DMSMatrix navigates the […]

DMSMatrix Insights: Qogita Secures Impressive 80 Million Euros in Funding Round

In a testament to the dynamic evolution of the e-commerce landscape, London-based B2B wholesale marketplace Qogita has successfully raised a substantial 80 million euros in a recent funding round. This capital infusion is poised to propel Qogita into a new phase of growth, focusing on product development and an extensive expansion of categories. The platform […]

Innovate, Excel, and Celebrate: DMSMatrix Spotlights the E-commerce Germany Awards 2024

E-commerce enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The E-commerce Germany Awards are making a triumphant return, promising a celebration of innovation, excellence, and the dynamic spirit of online business. Hosted in the vibrant city of Berlin, this prestigious event is set to bring together the trailblazers of e-commerce for an unforgettable night of recognition and celebration. About […]

Unlocking Sales: DMSMatrix Unveils Shopify SEO Best Practices and Hacks for Optimal Results

In the ever-evolving landscape of online retail, Shopify stands out as a powerhouse content management system (CMS). Recognizing its widespread use, DMSMatrix is excited to share expert insights into Shopify SEO, focusing not only on achieving high rankings but also on enhancing brand presence and ensuring a seamless user experience (UX) for increased sales. Key […]

DMSMatrix veröffentlicht erweiterte eBay-Integration

Wir freuen uns, die Bereitstellung unserer neuen ebay-Integration fürs DMS ERP-System bekanntzugeben. Diese Integration ermöglicht es Benutzern unseres ERP-Systems, Produkt-Daten, Inventar, Bestellungen und Sendungsverfolgungen unkompliziert vom DMS-Konto – oder vom integrierten Shop-System – aus auf ebay UK, und zu steuern. Durch diese Integration sparen Benutzer des DMS ERP-Systems Zeit, steigern ihre Effizienz und […]

Amazon Pivots to Greener Transportation in Europe: A 50% Surge in Rail and Sea Usage

In a strategic move toward sustainability, Amazon has significantly increased its reliance on rail and sea transportation in Europe, experiencing a remarkable 50 percent growth in utilization this year. The e-commerce giant is actively collaborating with key European carriers, including Cargo Beamer, Viia, the Mercitalia Group, Grimaldi, Stena Line, and DFDS, to leverage more than […]

New Cross-Border B2B Payment Option Emerges: Balance and Hokodo Join Forces

In an exciting development, payment specialists Balance Payments Inc. and Hokodo Services Ltd. have introduced a transformative solution in the realm of cross-border B2B payments. This innovative service brings the B2B equivalent of “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) financing to trans-Atlantic transactions, offering a fresh perspective for businesses engaged in international commerce. For B2B merchants, […]

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