Targets 20% Growth in 2024, Emphasizes Business Model Innovation Amidst Shifting B2B Landscape, the B2B (business-to- business) e-commerce platform under the Alibaba Group umbrella, is setting ambitious growth targets for 2024. President Zhang Kuo announced a projected gross merchandise value (GMV) of US$60 billion, signifying a 20% increase compared to the US$50 billion achieved in 2023.

Shifting Gears After Exponential Growth

This growth target comes after a period of remarkable expansion for Over the past five years, the platform witnessed a staggering sevenfold increase in GMV. However, Zhang acknowledges the challenges of maintaining such a rapid pace. “It’s quite hard to double GMV every single year due to an increasingly large base,” he stated. “The core issue is about the business model, as we need to make new breakthroughs and transformations.” This highlights’s strategic focus on evolving its approach to remain competitive within the ever-changing B2B e-commerce landscape.

A Look at’s Powerhouse Status

Despite the shift in growth trajectory, remains a dominant force in the B2B e-commerce world. Chinese merchants leveraging the platform facilitated exports valued at a combined US$350 billion in 2023. This translates to roughly 10% of the total value of Chinese exports, which itself grew by 7% in 2023 to reach US$3.6 trillion. Notably, over 200,000 suppliers utilize, with a significant majority (90%) based in China.

Beyond Consumer Goods: Diversifying Product Offerings

Zhang emphasizes the platform’s reach beyond consumer-oriented products. Interestingly, half of the offerings on cater to the B2B segment, encompassing industrial equipment like machine tools and construction materials, alongside specialized items such as laser cutting devices and even small food trucks. This product diversification strategy caters to a wider range of B2B needs and reinforces’s position as a comprehensive B2B e-commerce solution.

The Road Ahead: Embracing Innovation and Competition

As navigates a maturing market and increasing competition, its focus on strategic business model innovation will be crucial for sustained success. The platform’s established presence, diverse product offerings, and commitment to evolving its approach position it well to maintain its leadership role in the B2B e-commerce landscape. DMSMatrix will continue to monitor developments within the B2B e-commerce space and provide updates as they unfold.

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