Alibaba’s Growing Appeal Among European SME Buyers

Alibaba has been actively courting European SMEs, and it appears their efforts are paying off. The Chinese e-commerce giant has reported a notable 14 percent increase in SME buyers from Germany over the past six months. Additionally, more British SMEs are turning to as their preferred procurement platform.

During its annual March Expo, observed strong demand from business buyers in both Germany and the UK. SMEs are increasingly seeking ways to streamline their procurement processes and reduce costs amidst macroeconomic pressures and supply chain disruptions.

In Germany, Alibaba has seen a significant uptick in active SME buyers, reflecting a broader trend toward digital procurement channels. The exact number of German sellers on was not disclosed. Similarly, the UK also experienced a positive surge in active B2B buyers at this year’s March Expo.

Alibaba’s B2B Sentiment Survey highlights the growing adoption of online marketplaces among German and British SMEs, with over 50 percent now making purchases on such platforms. Jijay Shen, General Manager Europe for, emphasizes the role of online B2B marketplaces in simplifying cross-border sourcing and driving business growth for SMEs.

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