Amazon Announces Dedicated Irish Online Store Launch in 2025

Irish consumers will soon have a dedicated Amazon store catering to their needs. is set to launch in 2025, offering a wider selection of products, faster deliveries, easier returns, and competitive pricing.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

This move comes 27 years after the launch of, a popular destination for many Irish online shoppers. However, promises a more localized experience with “low, local prices, and without additional customs charges.” This eliminates the potential for unexpected fees and simplifies the shopping process.

Boost for Irish Businesses

The launch follows the opening of Amazon’s first fulfillment center in Dublin in 2022. This facility has already improved delivery times across Ireland, a benefit that will be further enhanced with the introduction of John Boumphrey, Amazon’s country manager for the UK and Ireland, highlights the advantages for sellers as well: “It will provide great opportunities for small and medium-sized Irish businesses to reach a bigger audience at home and abroad.” Over 1,000 Irish SMEs already utilize Amazon’s platform, generating significant export sales. This initiative underscores Amazon’s commitment to the Irish market and its efforts to attract European SMEs in the face of competition.

European Expansion

Amazon’s dedication to European markets is evident in its growing network of dedicated online stores. The company already holds a strong presence with established websites in Germany, UK, Italy, France, and Spain. Recent years have seen the launch of full-fledged stores for the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Belgium. further strengthens their European footprint, offering a tailored online shopping experience for Irish consumers.

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