Amazon Pivots to Greener Transportation in Europe: A 50% Surge in Rail and Sea Usage

In a strategic move toward sustainability, Amazon has significantly increased its reliance on rail and sea transportation in Europe, experiencing a remarkable 50 percent growth in utilization this year. The e-commerce giant is actively collaborating with key European carriers, including Cargo Beamer, Viia, the Mercitalia Group, Grimaldi, Stena Line, and DFDS, to leverage more than 100 rail lanes and over 300 sea routes. This shift has not only contributed to a nearly 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions but also offers enhanced efficiency and, surprisingly, faster delivery times.

Emphasizing the distinct advantages of Europe’s geographic landscape, Amazon notes that the intricate infrastructure of rail and sea routes often proves to be a more efficient and expeditious mode of transport for goods compared to traditional road-based logistics.

Approximately 60 percent of sales on Amazon are attributed to third-party sellers. In line with its commitment to optimizing inventory management, Amazon is actively working on strategically distributing inventory across warehouses on the continent, including those utilized by partners enrolled in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) programs.

This shift towards greener transportation aligns seamlessly with Amazon’s ambitious Climate Pledge, co-signed by numerous major companies. The pledge outlines Amazon’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

As part of its broader sustainability initiatives, Amazon has been consistently working with its supply chain partners to implement greener practices. A year ago, the company announced a substantial investment exceeding 1 billion euros until 2027 dedicated to decarbonizing its transportation network throughout Europe.

By actively integrating more sustainable transportation options into its logistics operations, Amazon is taking concrete steps to reduce its environmental footprint while ensuring the continued efficiency and speed that customers expect.

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