DMSMatrix Introduces Seamless Catch Integration for Enhanced Ecommerce Experience

DMSMatrix, a leading player in ecommerce solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of to its integrated platform. This move is part of DMSMatrix’s ongoing commitment to providing versatile solutions tailored to the evolving needs of ecommerce businesses., a prominent figure in the Australian ecommerce landscape, hosts a diverse range of products, making it an attractive marketplace for sellers seeking a broad consumer reach. The integration with Catch enhances the capabilities of DMSMatrix, offering businesses an efficient channel to tap into the vast opportunities presented by the Australian market.

Key Features of DMSMatrix’s Catch Integration:

Effortless Product Management: DMSMatrix streamlines product management with features like bulk uploading and real-time synchronization, allowing sellers to efficiently manage their Catch listings from a centralized platform.

Order Harmonization: The integration ensures smooth order processing, allowing sellers to seamlessly receive and manage Catch orders within their existing ecommerce ecosystem.

Inventory Synchronization: DMSMatrix automates inventory updates, preventing overselling and ensuring accurate stock levels across multiple channels.

Time-Efficient Operations: The user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks, enabling businesses to save time and focus on growth strategies.

Mr. Sudeep Singh, CEO of DMSMatrix, expressed his enthusiasm about the new integration, stating, “Our goal is to empower ecommerce businesses with tools that simplify their operations and expand their reach. The addition of to our supported platforms aligns with our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients’ evolving needs.”

As ecommerce landscapes continue to evolve, DMSMatrix remains committed to creating a unified and efficient ecommerce experience for businesses of all sizes. The Catch integration reflects DMSMatrix’s dedication to enhancing the ecommerce journey for its users.

For more information on DMSMatrix’s Catch integration and to explore how it can elevate your ecommerce journey, visit

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