French Marketplace Solution Provider Octopia Unveils Octopia Ads

Octopia, a leading provider of e-commerce marketplace solutions, has announced the launch of Octopia Ads, its innovative retail media solution. This marks a significant step forward for Octopia, empowering retailers and brands to leverage the power of targeted advertising within marketplaces.

Boosting Visibility with Sponsored Search

Octopia Ads offers a comprehensive sponsored search solution, allowing retailers to promote both their own first-party (1P) products and those from third-party sellers and brands (3P) within marketplaces. This targeted approach increases product visibility within search results, driving traffic and ultimately boosting sales.

A Trusted Partner for E-commerce Success

Octopia caters to a broad spectrum of e-commerce businesses. Whether seeking to launch a new marketplace, revitalize an existing platform, expand their reach across multiple marketplaces, or outsource fulfillment logistics, Octopia offers a one-stop solution.

Global Reach and Proven Expertise

With over 50% of its business conducted internationally, Octopia boasts a diverse and impressive client base exceeding 30 clients across 11 different countries. The company provides access to a curated catalogue of 15,000 qualified sellers offering a staggering 80 million products, along with comprehensive fulfillment solutions. Notably, Octopia successfully expanded its footprint to the UK in 2023, establishing a brand-new warehouse and office, and securing its first marketplace client, Onbuy.

The Rise of Retail Media in Europe

The launch of Octopia Ads coincides with the burgeoning trend of retail media in Europe. This relatively new concept allows retailers and brands to purchase advertising space within marketplaces, similar to how platforms like Amazon and Cdiscount offer sponsored product placements within search results. IAB Europe’s recent release of measurement standards for retail media underscores the growing importance and sophistication of this advertising strategy.

Octopia at the Forefront of Innovation

With the launch of Octopia Ads, Octopia positions itself as a frontrunner in the European e-commerce landscape. This innovative solution empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of targeted advertising within marketplaces, unlocking new opportunities for growth and customer engagement.

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