Kaufland Gears Up for Late Summer Launch of Online Marketplaces in Poland and Austria

German retail giant Kaufland is taking its e-commerce ambitions international with the upcoming launch of online marketplaces in Poland and Austria by late summer. This move follows the successful establishment of similar platforms in Slovakia and the Czech Republic last year.

Kaufland, renowned for its hypermarket chains across Germany, launched its online marketplace just three years ago, capitalizing on the acquisition of Real.de by its parent company, Schwarz Gruppe. The German platform has garnered significant traction, attracting tens of millions of monthly visitors and boasting a vast product selection exceeding 45 million items across 6,400 categories.

Cross-Border Expansion Marks New Chapter

Kaufland’s foray into Poland and Austria signifies a strategic shift towards a broader European presence.

Poland: Here, Kaufland already enjoys a well-established brick-and-mortar presence with 245 stores. The company aims to leverage this existing brand recognition to tap into Poland’s thriving e-commerce market.

Austria: This marks a unique case, as Kaufland has no physical stores in the country. However, the company is confident in its brand awareness, claiming over 40% recognition among Austrian consumers. Additionally, Austria’s online retail landscape presents an opportunity due to the limited presence of major marketplaces offering a similarly diverse range of products.

Kaufland Embraces Pure Online Play in Austria

By launching a purely online marketplace in Austria, Kaufland is demonstrating its commitment to digital growth.

“All-In-One Solution” Drives International Expansion

Kaufland Global Marketplace serves as the backbone of this international expansion. This platform streamlines the process for sellers, allowing them to register and reach customers across various national domains on Kaufland’s online marketplaces.

Enhanced Delivery Through “Fulfillment by Kaufland”

Further bolstering its cross-border capabilities, Kaufland is rolling out its international “Fulfillment by Kaufland” service this year. This program aims to expedite order deliveries for customers across different markets.

Analysts suggest Kaufland’s expansion plans could significantly reshape the e-commerce landscape in Poland and Austria, particularly with its established brand presence and comprehensive online marketplace offerings.

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