DMSMatrix Report: Leading E-commerce Marketplaces in Europe for Business Expansion

In an era of dynamic global commerce, identifying the right E-commerce marketplace for business expansion is paramount. DMSMatrix, a renowned leader in E-commerce ERP solutions, unveils an insightful report on the top E-commerce marketplaces in Europe that offer substantial opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Allegro: Dominating the Polish Market

Allegro stands tall as the largest Polish marketplace and ranks third among Europe’s largest online marketplaces. With an impressive 14.1 million active buyers, Allegro opens the gateway for B2C brands and professional re-sellers to tap into Poland’s thriving €10 billion online market.

Amazon: The Global E-commerce Giant

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is synonymous with a vast array of products and services. In Q2 of 2023 alone, Amazon reported a staggering net profit of $6.75 billion. With 98.07 million monthly users accessing its app in the United States, Amazon commands a significant share of the global E-commerce market. Notably, Amazon’s European operations contribute approximately 24% to its global sales. Presently available in eight European countries, Amazon’s influence continues to grow.

eBay: Pioneering C2C and B2C Transactions

eBay, originally a C2C auction platform, later expanded into B2C transactions. Despite facing challenges and increased competition, eBay remains a thriving platform with 138 million users, primarily in the U.S., and over 18.3 million sellers. In 2022, eBay reported revenue of $9.7 billion, reflecting its resilience and enduring popularity.

Fruugo: A Rising Star in Cross-Border Trade

Fruugo, a U.K.-based marketplace available in 32 countries, boasts over 25 million active users. Sellers can seamlessly register to sell across all markets within Fruugo’s portfolio. With support for 22 currencies and 17 languages, Fruugo facilitates borderless trade. Impressively, Fruugo witnessed a remarkable 110% increase in full-year revenue, reaching £65 million in 2022, with the majority of transactions occurring across borders.

OnBuy: The Meteoric Rise of a B2C Marketplace

OnBuy, a B2C online marketplace, has rapidly gained momentum since its launch in 2016. Collaborating with more than 17,000 retailers, OnBuy offers a diverse selection of 42 million products. Buyers benefit from secure transactions and a simple checkout process. With plans to expand to over 140 countries, OnBuy is poised for international success.

Rakuten: The Japanese E-commerce Giant

Rakuten, a globally recognized Japanese E-commerce powerhouse, operates an extensive online marketplace. Founded in 1997, Rakuten’s diverse offerings span electronics, fashion, books, travel bookings, and more. The Rakuten membership program enhances customer loyalty, attracting over 100 million buyers. In 2022, Rakuten recorded an annual revenue of $14.845 billion. Germany’s E-commerce Powerhouse, one of Germany’s largest and fastest-growing marketplaces, is set to expand further. As part of the Schwarz Group, one of Europe’s largest retailers,’s success is undeniable. The launch of the ‘Kaufland Global Marketplace’ enables seamless cross-border selling, offering over 40 million products in 5,000 categories to 32 million monthly visitors.

In an increasingly interconnected E-commerce landscape, DMSMatrix’s report highlights the diverse opportunities for businesses to expand their horizons. As these marketplaces continue to evolve, strategic partnerships and innovative solutions will be key to success in the ever-changing world of E-commerce.

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