Sellers Propel Marketplace Growth: DMSMatrix Reveals Insights from Mirakl’s Seller Report

The global E-commerce landscape is experiencing a seismic shift as individual businesses and entrepreneurs increasingly leverage online marketplaces and dropshipping to drive growth. This surge in seller activity has fueled an exponential expansion of E-commerce platforms, offering brands and retailers unparalleled opportunities to connect with new audiences and foster collaborations within the retail ecosystem.

This transformative trend comes to light in the latest insights unveiled by DMSMatrix, a leading E-commerce ERP solutions provider, drawing from Mirakl’s comprehensive Seller Report. Mirakl, a prominent marketplace solution provider, conducted a survey encompassing 1,500 retailers from various countries who actively sell on online marketplaces. The survey aimed to uncover sellers’ motivations for platform selection and the strategies they employ to nurture and expand their businesses.

Key Findings from the Mirakl Seller Report:

Growth Breeds Growth: Perhaps the most noteworthy revelation from the report is the symbiotic relationship between online marketplaces and seller growth. In 2022, the number of businesses venturing into marketplace sales surged by an impressive 31 percent compared to the previous year. This unprecedented growth momentum sets a promising tone for the E-commerce sector.

Rapid Expansion: As businesses take their initial steps into the realm of online marketplaces, they experience immediate growth. Over 53 percent of surveyed marketplace sellers reported actively participating in more marketplaces in 2022 compared to the previous year. Additionally, a staggering 62 percent expressed their intent to further expand their businesses within the coming year, underscoring the allure of E-commerce marketplaces.

A Thriving E-commerce Ecosystem:

The findings of the Mirakl Seller Report resonate with DMSMatrix’s commitment to providing innovative E-commerce solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace. The increasingly dynamic and collaborative nature of online marketplaces demonstrates their significance as catalysts for growth, innovation, and global reach.

DMSMatrix remains at the forefront of this transformative E-commerce landscape, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of online marketplaces through its cutting-edge E-commerce ERP solutions.

Join the E-commerce Revolution:

As E-commerce continues to evolve and expand, DMSMatrix invites businesses of all sizes to explore the endless possibilities within the realm of online marketplaces. The journey to growth and success in the digital marketplace begins with a strategic partnership with DMSMatrix.

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