Exciting News: Introducing DMSGenie – Your Ultimate Guide to DMSMatrix!

Dear DMSMatrix Community,

We are thrilled to unveil a powerful addition to our platform that’s designed to elevate your user experience: DMSGenie!

 DMSGenie is not just a feature; it’s your magical guide within the DMSMatrix Ecommerce Platform. It’s here to make your journey through our platform smoother and more rewarding.

What’s Inside DMSGenie?

Knowledge Base and Help System:

  • A treasure trove of guides and information.
  • Video tutorials to visually walk you through various features.
  • Accessible seamlessly within our user interface.

Feature Request Form:

  • A direct channel for your voice.
  • DMS Matrix ERP users can suggest new features or improvements.

Why DMSGenie?

  • Empowerment: Guides and tutorials to empower you in utilizing our platform to its fullest.
  • Accessibility: Available anywhere in our user interface for your convenience.
  • Your Feedback Matters: A direct line to share your ideas and needs.

Watch DMSGenie in Action:

We value your input, and DMSGenie is our way of inviting you to actively shape the future of DMSMatrix. Your suggestions matter, and we are excited to continue enhancing our platform based on your needs.

Thank you for being a part of the DMSMatrix community.

Best Regards,

Your DMS Team

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