Temu Expands Marketplace, Invites European Sellers to Join the Platform

In a strategic move to further its global presence, Temu, the dynamic ecommerce player from China, is set to open its marketplace to sellers from the United States in March, followed closely by an invitation to European sellers. This expansion comes as part of Temu’s ambitious growth strategy, backed by its parent company, Chinese tech giant PDD Holdings.

Key Points:

  1. Growing Footprint in Europe: Temu made its mark in Europe last year, establishing its presence after the opening of an office in Ireland by its parent company. Operating on a dropshipping model, Temu distinguishes itself by shipping products directly from manufacturers to consumers.
  2. Impact on Competitors: The entry of Temu into the European market has already disrupted the landscape, leading to a decline in daily mobile shoppers for established ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay. Temu’s approach has been to form partnerships with logistics companies to expand its European delivery network.
  3. Marketplace Expansion: Currently, all sellers on the Temu app originate from China. However, a significant development is on the horizon as, starting March 15th, the platform will open its doors to sellers from the United States. Following this, European sellers will also be welcomed to join the marketplace.
  4. Logistics Setup for Local Sellers: To ensure a seamless experience for customers, local sellers on Temu will be required to establish logistics from their domestic warehouses. This strategic move is aimed at reducing delivery times and enhancing customer satisfaction. Notably, Temu will adopt a hands-off approach, with sellers managing pricing and marketing, mirroring the models of industry giants Amazon and eBay.
  5. Challenges and Opportunities: While the prospect of tapping into Temu’s extensive customer base holds promise for sellers, the success of this endeavor remains to be seen. Past attempts by platforms like Wish and AliExpress to diversify their seller base have encountered challenges in attracting a substantial number of domestic sellers.

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